We use LED lighting products which use 50% less energy than regular low voltage lights.  These lights come with a 15 year manufacturer warranty, which means you won’t have to change a light bulb for at least 15 years!  We can recommend the best selection to help you achieve the look you desire from your landscape lighting solution.


With 20+ years working in the industry, we have selected the best possible mix of commercial grade law sprinkler products from a blend of manufacturers.  These sprinkler products choices are based on quality, reliability, longevity, and low maintenance.

hunter1 hunterHunter RGP Rotary HeadsThe RGP has been around since 1981 and with continuous improvements, remains the number one selling rotary head in the world.  We use it because of its quality, reliability, and it has stood the test of time.  It is easy for homeowners to adjust if they desire which reduces service calls.
1800series1_bg rainbirdlogoRain Bird 1800 Series Spray HeadsThese pop-up spray heads are high quality and are built for longevity and reliable operation.  They have a unique design that flushes the head at pop-down to clear debris from the head.  This ensures smooth retraction and low maintenance, reducing service calls.
irt_val_2400s_s_lgirt_val_2400s_s_lg irritrol_logoIrritrol 2400 ValvesThese valves are popular because of the reliability of their double-beaded diaphragm and the durability of their heavy-duty, corrosion-and-UV-resistant PVC construction.  This is the easiest valve on the market to maintain and repair, thus saving time and money for the homeowner.
pro_c hunterHunter Pro-C ControllerThis controller has numerous options that make it our first choice.  It is easy to understand and program with a large LCD display.  It offers three separate programs (A, B, C) with multiple start times, and independent programming to handle a variety of watering requirements.  It has a battery backup in case of power failures, and even if the battery goes dead your programs are still stored with only the date and time to be reset.  Its modular design allows for future expansion for up to a total of fifteen zones.  The Pro-C controller has been around for over a decade and with continuous modifications, has remained a very reliable and durable controller.